“ We Deliver Satisfaction to You” 

Thank you very much for visiting our web site.The mission of our company is an offer of “Service” that the customer can be truly satisfied. We always strive to keep this mission in mind when we offer new products, when prompt and speedy trouble handling is required, and when accurate and thorough support is need from “order to delivery.” Moreover, not only do we handle this in an everyday,routine environment, but also we conscientiously discuss about an individual customer needs at our meeting, and we are always ready to provide necessary information and appropriate support to our individual customers.

We wish to express our gratitude to each of our supplier companies, our business partners, that offers us superior products. It is our wish to contribute to their prosperity. As the distributor, we recognize our role and are making every effort to help generate steady, long-term profitability for our business partners. And in turn, we ask that they use their profits to develop new products for continued mutual success.

We enjoy the benefits of our efforts from our customers’satisfaction and by our business partners’ profitable growth. We use these benefits prudently and devote our energies to furthering employee education in order to enhance service to our customers. And for this reason, we are also improving the workplace environment, and offering more competitive benefits program to our employees.

Finally, as a gratitude to the society that provided us such working environment, we are actively participating in the social service programs as responsible corporate citizen. We believe that such activities are the responsibility of the people who live in today’s society. We are making every effort to promote these activities so that others may also participate.

We are a young and a growing company looking forward to a bright future. We always aim high and are devoting ourselves as one team to reach new heights. We ask for your continued guidance and support.

Hidemi Takamatsu, CEO and President
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